The restaurant

Our cuisine could be summed up in the words of Eduardo de Fillipo "O sapore è 'n'ata cos, nun se po' paragonà!"

From the choice ingredients,a good part of which are homegrown,to the fish caught daily,all are expertly prepared by our chefs Marinella Caputo and Giusepp e Porzio all under the watchful eye of Mamma Esterina who for more than 45 years together with her husband Antonio[one time owner of the hotel opened by his father in the 1930s] and now with their children Marinella and Alfonso takes pride in contenting all her guests.

The antipasti with their abundance of aromas and flavours are irresistible especially the renowned stuffed anchovies and little savoury pastries filled with ricotta from Arola. Then there is the famous spaghetti with courgettes Nerano style invented byPPCofS when luckily Esterina was on hand to assist and then guard the secret for the benefit of our own guests.

The freshest fish arrive daily depending on what is available and are prepared in the simplest possible way dressed with our home produced extra virgin olive oil. The desserts are the province of Alfonso who insists on the finest freshest ingredients prepared in the most straightforward manner. We hope we have said enough to convince you to try our fare for yourselves!

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